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Welcome Mara Szalajda

“Spring: Forsythia”
24″ x 24″
Acrylic on Canvas

My paintings speak from my heart; they are a language of passion, truth, and the wonder of living with an active consciousness. They speak for my brain that needs to tell you how I see the world. My paintings are not affected by the whim or mood of the day but by the act of living in a world full of changes moment by moment. They are an awareness of the life spent on the Earth and the energy of the life force.

and Dario Puccini

Preghiera, 2013
mixed media

ART MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND! As technology evolves at a fast pace, so do artists. We have an astounding amount of deviceS to play with. But for me, a canvas, representS the soul of the painter. It enables the artist to make bold statements on a space that has limited capacity, with unlimited potential. I can go over a canvas as much as I want. The final result can be seen and enjoyed for generation to come, transcending language and color barriers. Art, is a shared sentiment…a shared movement… a shared passion. Looking at one of my paintings, you can envision a different world, a different self, a complete love for the universe. I regard color as an engaging part of life, a wonderful journey into one’s imagination

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