Voices Soar

If you haven’t had a chance to contribute your voice to the project we open simultaneously in six countries: Italy, France, Holland, Germany, Brazil, and the USA this April 7th. Students seem to be the most creative at this point and we have an overwhelming majority from the US with Australia a close second. Is […]

did you ever want it to be real?

Dear Stephen, As an assistant to an artist representative and curator based in New York City, I am always looking for wonderful artists. After seeing some of your works, I am very motivated to assign a writer to review your works. I think you work is very strong, wonderful compositions and lovely use of color. […]

The Artist’s Guide: How To Make A Living Doing What You Love by Jackie Battenfield

For mid-career artists especially, it’s important to know that things have changed from when you were in art school. If you’re operating on the ideas and assumptions you formed 20 (or 30) years ago, you may be trying to navigate the contemporary art world in a Datsun—or an Edsel. http://joannemattera.blogspot.com/2009/06/marketing-mondays-artists-guide-and.html


YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND ASCA’S 90TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION TO BE HELD AT THE LAFAYETTE GRILL 54 Franklin Street—Between Broadway & Lafayette New York City 10013—212 732-5600 On Saturday, October 11, 2008—1 p.m. to 5 p.m. RSVP by Tuesday, September 30, 2008 Non-Member guests are welcomed ASCA’S 90TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION WILL BE HELD AT […]

general meeting

The indomitable Harriet Fe Bland talked for two hours straight without a break. Flanked by the two Rays, (Weinstein and Shanfeld) Harriet bravely ran down every detail of our shortcomings and goings. Here are a few highlights: We need a logo. We have never had a logo. (I know I thought we did too) There […]

Why do you show your art?

Why do you show your art? That’s one of the questions we are asking in our interviews for the ASCA film. We have gotten a few pretty standard replies and one person didn’t understand how we could ask that question. It was taken for granted and never thought about. Is it an ego boost? An […]

Is creativity somehow related with meditation?

I was sent this the other day. What is objective art? Is creativity somehow related with meditation? Osho: Art can be divided into two parts. Ninety-nine percent of art is subjective art. Only one percent is objective art. The ninety-nine percent subjective art has no relationship with meditation. Only one percent objective art is based […]

U.S. Copyright Office ORPHAN WORKS

U.S. Copyright Office   ORPHAN WORKS Orphan works are those copyrighted works whose owners are difficult or even impossible to find. The U.S. Copyright Office has raised concerns regarding orphan works and the uncertainty surrounding the ownership of such works might needlessly discourage subsequent creators and users from incorporating such works in new creative efforts or […]

Estelle Levy leaving? on wnyc

Artists Unite posted this Continuing the dialog that will hopefully result in some kind of relief, one of these days… Leonard Lopate Show: To Stay or To Go Tuesday, December 18, 2007We look into how the high cost of living in New York City affects artists. We’ll hear from some who’ve left…and from others who […]

Art Gallery Is Target as Dozens Go to Court

New York Region Art Gallery Is Target as Dozens Go to Court By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS Published: October 20, 2007 In a raucous, almost Dickensian hearing at a Manhattan courtroom, dozens of claimants picked at the chaos that once was the glorious Salander-O’Reilly Galleries.