Welcome new member Imelda Cajipe Endaya

Imelda was wise enough to show up at the general meeting with handouts of her work and a volunteer position as recording secretary. (I hope I am remembering this right) Wecome Imelda and thank you for your service. The following is from Imelda’s website a http://imeldacajipeendaya.net/current About the Artist In my work I get engrossed […]

general meeting

The indomitable Harriet Fe Bland talked for two hours straight without a break. Flanked by the two Rays, (Weinstein and Shanfeld) Harriet bravely ran down every detail of our shortcomings and goings. Here are a few highlights: We need a logo. We have never had a logo. (I know I thought we did too) There […]

Elinore Bucholtz

Elinore Bucholtz work will be featured in the following shows coming up now thru November ‘08: 6. Her group AVANTI in a second show of the season at Tompkins Square Park Library gallery called “New York Kaleidoscope” from May 4 – May 30. The show viewing hours will be Monday and Wednesday nights till 8pm […]

Why do you show your art?

Why do you show your art? That’s one of the questions we are asking in our interviews for the ASCA film. We have gotten a few pretty standard replies and one person didn’t understand how we could ask that question. It was taken for granted and never thought about. Is it an ego boost? An […]