The American Society of Contemporary Artists is a national not-for-profit exhibiting art organization of professional painters, sculptors, and printmakers. Artists of excellence are carefully selected on merit by a revolving jury of their peers.

Artist-members participate in public lectures, art demonstrations, art education, and the presentation of awards that serve to encourage the development of others within the art community. In keeping with the original mandate of bringing quality art before the general public, the annual Art Student Awards and scholastic event sponsorships are an ongoing work in progress.

Now in its 98th year, ASCA has been acknowledged as one of the oldest such organizations in the City of New York. Through the years its ranks have swelled with eminent artists including Jacob Lawrence, Minna Citron, Nancy Ranson Phillips, Chaim Gross, William Zorach, Adolph Gottlieb and many equally prominent members.

In 2003 ASCA published a full-color book of 60 contemporary members, including a brief historical essay documenting its early years as the Brooklyn Society of Artists. The book, entitled ASCA, is available to the public at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and other outstanding archives throughout the country.

Adelman, Anita
Arango, Richard
Bernstein, Marcia
Beveridge, Stephen
Buglaj, Nikolai
Butti, Linda
Cantor, Yanka
Collado, Lisa
Comins, Jeremy
Cray Bart, Georgiana
Davin, Edward
de Echevarria, Maria
Dimitrij, Elvira
FeBland, Harriet
Gilbert, Gordon
Gold, Sondra
Goldstein, Eleanor
Haleen, Brentano A.
Hanft, Gladys
Hayashi, Sachie
Ibisch, Esther
Ibsen, Rose Sigal
Indick, Janet
Johnson, Erin Stukey
Karp, Erin M.
Karp, Richard
Kitada, Fumiko
Kitt, Olga
Koopalethes, Olivia

Levin, Helen
Mann, Frank
Martinson, Leanne
Mead, Margo
Meyerowitz, Judith
Millman-Ide, Roberta
Mutz, Marie
Myar, Minna
Oken, Marian H.
Panetta, Santina Semadar
Perlman, Sally Pitt
Petruska, Jane Kline
Puccini, Dario
Roland, Alan
Rondina, Hank
Rothchild, Bonnie
Roze, Gerda
Ruggles, Joanne Beaule
Schiller, Barbara Browner
Schlossberg, Elaine
Setlow, Neva
Shanfeld, Raymond
Szalajda, Mara
Tagliarino , Salvatore
Weinberg, Lea
Weiss, Marilyn
Wills, Miriam B.
Wyman, Doris
Green, David
Robbins, Lisa
Tatem-Araaya, Amie
Shaw, Isabel
Simpson, Allan
Turow, Gabe